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E-Learning for Students to Learn from Home

Hello Parents and Students of Federal Government Colleges. SkoolMedia is happy to set YP a unique customer programme for you. 

As a national unity programme. The FGCs are uniquely positioned to help drive the future aspirations of our dear country and we are pleased to help keep you on track as you pursue your academic programmes during this period. 


We shall provide you access codes into your classes. Classes will take place on Edmodo app. Please download the app from iOS or android and sign up as students. (App has a yellow icon)

Step 1. Download the App into your phone or visit the website from your computer

Step 2  sign up as a student. Create a username. Make the username creative by adding numbers or hyphens. If the username is already taken, it will request you to create another

3. Enter your class code. These codes will be pinned to on this group so you can access it anytime. 

SS1 - 3teffy
SS2 - zrdq3v
SS3 - qdzexs

SS1 - pjtjnf
SS2 - i22kf4
SS3 - 9jenpj

SS1 - 5587bi
SS2 - fi2p2t
SS3 - xh9k72

Classes start effectively on Monday April 20th 2020. Enjoy.