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Updated Resumption Guidelines

Sequel to the message we earlier sent on the 29th of July,2020 regarding the resumption of SS3 students,parents/guardians of SS3 students should take note of the following

The SS3 students checking in would be done in batches in order to reduce physical contact in line with NCDC guidelines on Covid-19 (Corona virus)

Day 1. Time
10:00 am - 5:00pm. SS3A,B,E

Day 2. Time
10:00 am - 5:00pm SS3C and D


i) Students are to adhere strictly with the date and time allotted each classes

ii) Students should check with the house mistresses, Covid-19 task force, college notice boards and entrances to their hostels and classrooms to know their new rooms both in the hostels and classrooms

iii) Students are to maintain a high level of cleanliness both in the hostels and classrooms, dining and other places in the college premises

iv) Students are to be in their proper uniforms (formal uniforms with the berets, blazer and cotina) with hairneatly cut low (bushy hair would not be allowed)

i) No sharing of personal items such as cups, plates, cutlery sets, writing materials such as biro, pencils, mathematical sets e.t.c both in the classrooms and hostels.
 ii) Students should stay in beds allocated to them. (Any student found violating this rule would be sent home)

iii) No unnecessary movement in the college

iv) in addition to the previous requirements sent in our earlier message on the 29th of July,2020. Students should bring along 1 broom, tissues and their toiletries(sanitary  towel, deodorant, dettol, toilet and washing soap, bath sponge,tooth brush, powder, toothpaste, slippers, comb/slippers)

Students shouldn’t bring contraband items as when confiscated would not be returned.


All students are to come back with a letter of undertaking duly signed by parents/Guardians.

Click to Download Letter Here

In conclusion, students are advised to take their studies seriously and avoid any act of indiscipline.